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Most businesses looking to lease office space do so every 3 to 5 years, so how effective can they be in the leasing process. The industry trends are continuously changing so what you did 5 years before might no longer apply. Conversely, most building owners, as landlords eat and sleep this business every day. Most brokers are in the business to either help the landlord lease space or help tenants find space. However, both are paid by the landlord. Most brokers work hard and this is by no means a criticism. It's just the reality of the business that no one really looks out for the full interests of the prospective tenant.

This is where an independent leasing expert can help. Our principal has been an office building owner for over 20 years, we can help you develop a leasing strategy. You would be paying us a fee and in exchange you will get independent advice which will save you time and money. You would still use a broker to find and show you office space options but with our expertise you will be prepared, informed and armed to make the appropriate leasing decisions.

Knowing how Landlords look at the leasing process, coupled with leasing techniques and knowledge can save a prospective tenant thousands of dollars over the entire term of the lease.  Here are a few examples and questions you should ask yourself:

Do you really know your exact square footage needs?
Do you know what the other tenants in the same building are paying?
What do you know about tenant improvements (TI) and TI allowances?
Do you know how to discern the operating expenses of an office building?
How much due diligence (time and effort) do you have to do when you can save yourself much time by asking an expert?

We will help you develop a plan to define your needs, to develop a checklist and a scorecard to compare the options that your broker presents as prospective offices for your business.

We work with small and large tenants so call to get additional information at (609) 528-2528 or email

Under Construction

Coming soon A step-by-step "Office Leasing Manual"

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